Genius Voice: Your vessel on the third digital wave

Genius Voice is a Dutch start-up specialized in voice technology. We develop applications for virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Currently, there are more than a billion voice-activated devices globally. This is a great reason why you should connect your organization to this platform. Want to be the innovator within your branche? Contact us for more information.

The process

  • Design

    Creating voice apps starts with design. What is the goal and which experience do you want to give your customers?

  • Development

    With the development of your voice application, we take into account the changing world around your company.

  • Maintain

    After the launch of your application, we will keep monitoring your app to optimize the user experience.

  • Analyze

    We keep track of the app using analytics software. The app will improve itself through machine learning.

Voice in 2022

$40 Billion

voice market value


of the voice assistant users say: "voice is part of my daily life"


of voice users are receptive to businesess on voice.


faster adoption as smartphones.

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Winner ‘Rabo Starter of the quarter’

With the programming skills of Dylan, the digital marketing knowledge of Jason and the voice of Luuk, the trio forms a wonderful combination to conquer the voice technology world. "
- Rabobank (second largest bank in the Netherlands)

Our team

Luuk van Hoogstraten

Luuk van Hoogstraten

Founder - Public Relations

Due to my fascination for frictionless design I support your organization to be where your customers are. My attention for the effort/result ratio guarantee s the most efficient solution for your organization. I like to convince you why I think voice is going to conquer the world.


Dylan Mattijssen

Dylan Mattijssen

Founder - Developer

Through enthusiasm I realize your wish in a tailored product. Together with you I provide your brand a fitting tone-of-voice, sound & personality. By analyzing the usage of your app I’ll recommend improvements in order to create an unique experience.


Jason Oleana

Jason Oleana

Founder - Digital Marketing

“Hey Jason, what can you do for organizations?” The answer is: a lot. For example, optimize the right content on the right time in the customer journey. Through my passion for digital marketing I enable potential customers to find your organization easier in this new channel.