Imagine; It’s the first of December, you open the paper and see that the Iphone will be introduced today. At that moment you can’t comprehend what this will mean for the rest of your life. You go to work and you have a meeting at 10:00 with company X. They tell you that the Iphone and complementary apps are going to change the world forever. The transition from internet to mobile has begun. You probably would have thought; “Isn’t that a little over the top?” or “I can’t imagine that’s true.” But you see what has happened in the years after.

We are here to tell you that history repeats. We are at the brink of the third digital revolution. First came the internet, then came mobile and here is voice. We went from website to app and now we’ll go from app to Action/Skill.

Did the internet disappear? No.

Are mobile apps or websites going to disappear? No.

People will no longer be able to select an option from a list, only 1 option will be presented. Search through voice will change a lot for your company, branding will be of the utmost importance for success on voice platforms. Users do not have to download your app they only have to know the invocation phrase.

By being active on voice platforms you show your customers that you care about ease of use, being personal and creating frictionless experiences. Because we acknowledge the face that history repeats we have an advantage; We can look into the future and combine it with prior knowledge about platform adoption. We are the app builder that was up and running on the first of december 2007, we lead the way.