Brainstorm sessions

Voice’s (im)possibilities

The rapid reach expansion of a new medium comes with a lot of challenges. Questions like: “What unique possibilities does this platform bring?”, “When should I start?” or “What can I do to start as soon as possible?” are not uncommon for business owners.

During an knowledge sharing session we help your company get started with voice. First we try to isolate the main problem which voice can solve for your organisation. We delve deeper into the business process and identify inefficiencies.

At the end of the session we will show you a demo of an app that can work for your company. You are also able to identify the following;

  • Whether voice is a valuable addition for your company;
  • What implementation of voice will probably yield the best results;
  • How voice can create a sustainable competitive advantage;
  • How your voice SEO can be optimized for voice;
  • What we can do for you in development, launch and analysis of the Action/Skill.

  • If the session results in a collaboration we will happily discount the costs of the session at the first invoice.
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